Planning for the Future

The IASD will host regional and national training conferences, training programs, and competitions for senior debaters and program coordinators. Plans are underway to offer senior debate opportunities through an online platform.

A Voice for Seniors

We are a new nonprofit organization promoting debate  and discussion opportunities for senior citizens concerning values, public policy, and the future of the planet.

We are rebuilding the site. Watch for new content.

Taking on the Big Issues

The IASD is a nonprofit (501c3), non-partisan organization committed to the promotion and support of debate programs for seniors and debate competitions focusing on a wide variety of topics, including current events and public policy issues.

Engaging the Community

The IASD provides a unique and exciting activity for lifelong learning programs, public libraries, retirement communities, and other educational and cultural organizations. Although its roots are in the United States, the IASD aims to promote senior debate internationally.

The rapid growth of lifelong learning programs and other educational and cultural initiatives for older Americans reflects the hunger seniors have for personal growth and for active engagement with cultural and political issues.Senior debate will empower older Americans to think and speak for themselves, and to expand their horizons by listening to other voices and rival views. Whether debating or simply being part of the audience, older Americans are going to experience an engaging, informative, and delightful new opportunity—anchored in the firm belief that seniors may retire from work and related pursuits, but they must never retire from the great issues and struggles of our time.